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Commercial real estate
"Shops, offices recently did sell the fire. Interested in buying retail customers increased recently, and a big money with tens of millions of customers entrust

Attorney Room Sanya L
Today, reporters learned from the Provincial Procuratorate, Sanya City, People's Procuratorate Yacheng suburban office handling the case Prosecutor Office Build

City of office building
On August 24, beijing Olympic Games this sport regale is luxuriant conclude, and Beijing building city did not resemble developing what business place expects t

Price of 2 quarters whol
Price of 2 quarters whole nation rises an annulus of price of Shenzhen of Chongqing of apparent slow down more negative than appearing growth On August 5, th

World luxuriant share: P
Luxuriant share releases the generation in the newspaper shows, the company is only first half of the year profit compared to the same period amplitude 46.11% ,

Changsha local governmen
“ the policy of this government, will be the market and safeguard walking on two legs, the key is the steady progress that maintains market of estate of t

Teach you to buy secondh
Bear more than to house price ability, for the people that cannot enter safeguard housing market again, buy secondhand the room is a right choice. So, buy secon

"Her times " lone woman
"Sheet daughter " , it is the more special group in female consumption group. (data picture)The female consumes the amplification of the group, make the appeara

10 thousand divisions re
On September 27, print of media of some finance and economics sends the name is " Shenzhen of 10 thousand divisions may appear delay of shutdown of sodden poop

Ding Yuan: National Day
Each district National Day grows false building city to be on sale although the meeting is lively, but clinched a deal to measure or continue the atrophic postu

Shenzhen content provide
Shenzhen property manages commercialize degree lag, the conflict between the owner of individual village and content pipe company has the power that grow in int

About property the servi
Property service collects fees the problem is current the contradiction in property government industry is more outstanding, owner and property manage the probl

Clinch a deal price of q
Shanghai building city clinchs a deal the atrophic degree of the quantity beyond the anticipation of the personage inside mass course of study, but even if is s

Guangzhou builds house o
Arrive since this year 2012, 10 areas of Guangzhou will build housing the least 42.13 million square metre, among them, governmental safeguard housing is occupi