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The market is small business of the development that confuse Guan depreciates sa
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Still be in in people Yu Moke of take delight in talking about, Feng Tai is landed " 3500 yuan rise " when, transmit a message again now: Golf of city of 10 thousand divisions will roll out the price that has shock power more Saturday originally: 3799 yuan 1 yuan sends 80000 yuan to decorate. And be apart from the couplet with not far golf of city of 10 thousand divisions China garden city is more direct: A price 3280 yuan / square metre.

Calculate, of golf of city of 10 thousand divisions " 3799 yuan 1 yuan sends 80000 yuan to decorate " , if be not decorated, be equal to is 3100 yuan - 3200 yuan semifinished product, the personage inside course of study says, this building before this price is equivalent to 4 years dish head period the price. According to author understanding, city of couplet China garden this roll out " 3280 yuan of one opening price " unit, share more than 10, floor is in 3 the following (contain 3) . Knowing what 10 thousand divisions take this to exceed low room is to still follow to rely on what rubbish stands last " beautiful villa " same, but have a bit beyond question, such exceeding low house measure is few. If 10 thousand divisions are the house that wholehearted good faith should sell 3000 yuan really, won't such, little ground sells, stay time. So, disclose, this exceeds low room also is a stunt only just. Although be stunt only, but before estimation also can attract large quantities of one elite white-collars, go singing the praises. Stunt is not sent when city talk is exuberant on use, in low confused city can be popular below the path, time-tested.

No matter the family is short of,do not lack cash, 10 thousand divisions have the family's reason with low stunt nature. Nevertheless, in 10 thousand divisions guide below, business of a few development a series of awareness of the person that low stunt has made buy a house -- the cheapest house with respect to that a few, doing not have belong to me, I want also do not have. So the personage inside course of study calls play of stunt of this kind of low " building city a shot in the arm " .
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