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Beijing Olympic Games draws near opportunity of 5 big themes is shown true growi
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Draw near of the Olympic Games increasingly as Beijing, olympic Games board piece market vivid jerk also is rising ceaselessly, the service of relevant foundation construction, consumption domain breed in the market go up from time to tome beautiful expression, the Olympic Games of partial benefit from benefit from, variety that has real growing latent capacity is worth investor to pay close attention to actively.

Olympic Games concept transforms to true solid growing sex

Contemporary Olympic motion is ecbolic Olympic Games economy, apply from the success hold formally, and of all sorts of effect such as the economy after the Olympic Games, politics, culture outspread, will form a cycle of complete Olympic Games economy. Phase of advanced Olympic Games, olympic Games place namely relevant establishment invests those who rise pair of economy to pull move apparent, and in Olympic Games phase namely the Olympic Games is held in those days, exterior and significant demand increases will drive economic progress further, cause activity of each economy, spending from this, these consumption basically will be centered in course of study of traffic carrying trade, post and telecommunications, wholesome sports, society to serve the field such as course of study, and after Olympic Games period, although appear likely trough effect, but during the enterprise such as the Olympic Games sponsor before this, supplier uses an Olympic Games, sufficient brand travels, hopeful is obtained can last more abidingly development kinetic energy.

Attention travel, hotel, commerce, medium and real estate

Travel, hotel, commerce will become the biggest person be benefited of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games holds urban experience to make clear, one of source of the biggest income that travel to already became an Olympic Games to drive. Below the condition that does not run an Olympic Games, beijing enters a country tourist amount normally with annual the speed of 5% , domestic tourist grows with the speed of 6.5% , and in the Olympic Games drive, abroad and domestic tourist amount will part additional increase 6.6% with 6% , the income nature of industry of travel and hotel, business also is when the river rises the boat goes up too.
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