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Financing of room look forward to need not cultivate hang by the neck 3 save one
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Gap of estate company capital is huge this year already was not to dispute a fact, guo Taijun installs grind the newspaper says breach amounts to 710 billion yuan even. Below this kind of circumstance, many estate companies were immersed in the crisis that capital catenary ruptures.

"Can living good " , "It is good this year to had been maintained " , on the forum of estate of rich a huge legendary turtle that the author attended a few days ago, mei Sheng of Nie of chairman of chamber of commerce of estate of business association of Ren Zhijiang of estate big alligator, China is right estate company " is low-key this year the judgement of hibernate " is so consistent.

Living not easy, financing of room look forward to cannot cultivate hang oneself to die in. According to statistic, the financing source of this anteroom land agent basically comes from a bank, the " bank predecease that just has Ren Zhijiang so talks " . Fall from current condition, although silver-colored recently inspect meets a chairman,Liu Ming Kang expresses to want to satisfy demand of reasonable estate credit, but of integral credit tighten up look forward to of pressing requirement room to save oneself.

Save oneself means one, equity of sell one's own things. At present the property right of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou trades the market has had many room look forward to to transfer partial equity actively, obtain the fund that development is badly in need of. Company of triumphant constant estate also is bought by SOHO China with 5.5 billion RMB recently, let SOHO obtain triumphant Heng Qi to issue triumphant constant center to develop power thereby.

Save oneself means 2, abroad illicit collect. Capital of abroad illicit collect is opposite all the time real-estate industry eye covetously of home, suffer from does not have entered chance. Domestic house look forward to is low nowadays fan, "The opportunity of the " that copy a copy also comes. Regard estate as the enterprise, although the cost of abroad illicit collect is higher, can sign more slashing agreement even, attenuant equity, but gold of sell one's own things of the project to be faced with cry piteously for food, land, had always ruptured than capital? If was arranged 2006 gallop Chinese Sun Hongbin most when lacking cash with abroad illicit collect note endowment the condition did not talk about collapse, is today's " suitable gallop what kind of circumstances is " does not know again? Appear on the market recently the illicit collect support that hard and fast constant also won 600 million dollar greatly, conduce to alleviate its capital pressure.
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