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Judge when: Estate market " save city to say " not rational not actual also
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From October 2007 Chinese estate market appears since adjusting evidence, a few cities are special go up like the value of early days estate such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou the city with swift and violent situation, house price appeared fall after a rise; Other the city of tall look forward to is like a lot of house price the acute of building sales volume such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing is decreased, the near future has a story, the city such as Beijing more the phenomenon that occurrence volume price falls together.

Estate is adjusted have the power that grow in intensity. Face the declining tendency of estate market, latter hearsay has estate even " help city " say. Although this kind of view still does not have real operation to be able to be taken an examination of, but, the author thinks, come round to tell with respect to eye, this kind of view is to be paid no attention to completely gender and disregard estate market to develop reality.

Indeed, real estate is the big industry of relation the national economy and the people's livelihood, real estate is promoted decline those who matter to whole and macroscopical economy move. Chinese real estate is in rapid development process, become draw the main power that uses macroscopical economy fast growth, admittedly result cannot do not have. But, some closer year come the abidance of real estate flourishs, of estate market hot, estate value is not reason to rise, more facilitated fixed assets investment exceeds often increase, make price of investment overheat, raw material rising, macroscopical economy shines repeatedly red light, economy by slant fast the main source that changes to overheat, also become the prime criminal that inflation looks up ceaselessly.
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