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Business spreads investment: Different ground buys a store 3 big discipline noti
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Article premise wants: People says: One shop is rich 3 generation. The author thinks, what this wants to see you buy is what kind of business shop. If you can buy satisfactory store, of course can rich reach 3 generation. But if you buy vexed store, the situation is different, cannot accomplish this not only, and still can bring heavy burden to you.

Imperceptible, business shop investment is getting the attention of increasing investor. Somebody once made a such examples, "Investing business to spread is gold, investing office building is silver-colored, investing the residence is copper. " really, business shop investment depends on his the characteristic of high income, low doorsill more and more be taken seriously extensively of people. Among them, shop of different ground business serves as a special category, it is the favour that got a lot of investor more. Among them truth is very simple, shop of different ground business is investor mostly have investment to 23 lines city from city of a gleam of, relatively low price is the main reason that attracts them apparently.

But, investment market is unpredicatable, good luck and risk coexist at the same time. Many experts think, although prospect of business shop investment is valued, but do not mean each investor to be wrapped earn not compensate. Compare with residential market phase, business shop market gets of the element such as more policy, industry, market restrict. Sortie a such markets, at first the most important perhaps is courage and insight, but in the process that matures gradually in the market, need more reason and the skill that control a venture. Among them especially shop of different ground business, can bring all sorts of systematization and the risk that are not systematization to investor more, this needs us to raise the technical content of investment further.
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