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"Her times " lone woman buys a house: Safety and a sector of an area are chief f
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"Sheet daughter " , it is the more special group in female consumption group. (data picture)

The female consumes the amplification of the group, make the appearance that your person fixes eyes upon in commerce, make a new economic point of growth in environment of Chinese big market. After sweeping across the domain such as car city, IT early or late, "Her times " facing real estate start flourishingly.

"Sheet daughter " , it is the more special group in female consumption group. Their great majority exists " 3 tall " characteristic: Record of formal schooling is tall, basically have record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, the part still is belonged to " the sea returns " clique; Income is high, yearly salary is in 50 thousand yuan of above, some has exceeded 500 thousand yuan even; Social administrative levels is high, or holds a post in popular industry, or is middle-level above administrator.

Lone woman more and more him apt buys a house, the economic capacity that is them rises to allow his to buy the level of the room, the progress of the concepts of 2 investment conduct financial transactions that are lone woman. Love me according to me an investigation shows the home: The scale that Beijing lone woman buys a house is close already 8% .

Secondhand the room also is right choice

Lone woman buys a house, safe problem cannot be ignored, do not choose devious suburb as far as possible so. Miss Chen of 27 years old, once hired, work overtime every time come home be nervous, although very careful but still had met an enemy, when the experience that this paragraph of suburb hires lets Miss Chen buy a house special apprehension.
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