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Liuzhou builds villatic area to offer member of 4 old team especially for city l
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Guangxi Liuzhou city built villatic village for city leadership only. For this, go to Liuzhou city to undertake investigating.

   Quiet and tastefully laid out and luxurious residence village

In the Liu Jiangdong bank of Guangxi Liuzhou city, one is the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of National People's Congress of municipal Party committee, municipal government, city, city only (the following abbreviation 4 old team) the residential village that the leader builds, the name is river Dong Yuan. Face already here river approach newly-built administrative office building again, it is the river in construction nearby east park, price house whole town is highest.

The village was occupied full a block, in all 57 mus, be surrounded by iron barrier entirely, outside with broad Dong Di road greenbelt is linked together, transplanting has a variety of rare tree. Xiaolou's housetop all is vermeil, the wall is outside pink a white.

Through on any account strewn at random green covert looks, xiaolou appears pure and fresh and refined () seeing a picture.

Village environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, share 26 buildings, every stay in two, every garage and garden completely. Among them main hall class 6, every cover floor area 340 square metre, price level of deputy hall of 740 thousand yuan of; 46, every cover floor area 320 square metre, price 710 thousand yuan. Average price of every square metre 2100 multivariate, be equivalent to the half of price of circumjacent commodity house. The reporter treated deputy hall form door model: One is two hall; of an one room, kitchen, toilet is 4 rooms 2 a the balcony that 3 toilet; has half additionally is attic and an open air, arbor.

According to bureau of office management of Liuzhou city office and program bureau staff member introduction, government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region allotted on April 28, 2004 " market of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region runs means to build housing temporary measure " (Gui Zheng sends 200424) (the following abbreviation " method " ) regulation: The residence that A, unit can acquire in original transfer or means of sell one's own things is used the house is built on the ground, sell a worker. Element of price of B, house is formed basic and as identical as commodity house, all by burden of the person that buy a house. C, it is premise in order to resolve difficulty of unit worker housing, not have room door and did not amount to mark door preferential buy. D, purchaser does not need to exit the house that already bought formerly to change a room. 4 old team have as it happens to a few are led or do not have housing because of just coming from nonlocal attune at that time, or because of new promote housing to did not amount to a standard, basis of the decision after city basically heads research " method " regulation, for all on-the-job 4 old team the leader reachs dean of city procuratorate chief procurator, intermediate court to build a house. Leave emeritus 4 old team old to lead for conciliation, courtyard of municipal Party committee inside two go up the office building that 80 time build the century and a field pull down, build a house for them with same way () of courtyard of abbreviation municipal Party committee.
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