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Demand investigates 08 Shenzhen villa: An insect destructive of the roots of see
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In 2008 Shenzhen villa demand is investigated greatly in, the reporter interviewed villa respectively to the life villatic standard owner, potential buy the home, citizen and professional personage, integrated and character, the life in memory villatic need has everybody the following standards. Standard one: Maintain all along of CBD of   of measurable distance   to indicating with CBD the complex system of urban economy, it is the place with the most flourishing business in the city, however person much, car much, noise big, pollution is heavy, crowded, another when become CBD again " mark " . villatic to buying successful personage, work area is centered around CBD commonly, they cannot break away from city life, the hope spends less time on commuted journey, but what they already detested the noisy, mood of urban jam, environment again is blundering the pressure with the job, the hope seeks to have the house place of a paragraph of suitable space with CBD, can distinguish the life and job, be far from irritated miscellaneous, air is fresh, but be apart from also cannot too far, because in the evening dinner party and work overtime to become normal state already, 20 ~ car Cheng of 30 minutes is proper. They pay close attention to traffic element particularly, not traffic jam is the greatest desire. From the point of this standard, the person that the villatic Lou Panzhong of Shenzhen is accorded with is very few, and area of heart of distance blessing tanaka only the city of 10 thousand divisions of Cheng of 20 minutes of cars (examine a map) villatic, it is the first selection building that accords with this one standard undoubtedly dish. Standard 2: The life   of place of the first house reviews Shenzhen villa, enter commonly do not lead 4 into, what empty buy leads is tall not only the life atmosphere that affected community, also created 3 class market beg for be more than, villatic value greatly shrink. Accordingly, no matter live to still invest oneself, the villa that can regard the first house as place also makes the final choice of habitant. In 2008 Shenzhen villa demand is investigated greatly in, a gentleman of villatic industry position tells a reporter, the villa that its buy is in Baoan area, when just receiving a building to decorate, live 2 days or so every week, after half an year, half month stays in basic instead 2 days, and because journey is distant, inconvenience of form a complete set, family had not wished to live again to later, every time can oneself go. Went 3 years now, basic it is every the month goes, live every time day of just a little. Mr Zhang laughs say, oneself basically are versed in with hour about the same, going every time is to see a room, do do sanitation. If will look from the angle of living cost and utilization rate, live the cost of one evening exceeds 10 thousand yuan. And bought town of 10 thousand divisions now, basic it is family person live, no matter be oneself go to work, the child goes to school or the old person buys food, jump with neighbour hold, shadow boxing is very convenient. At present Mr Zhang already moved entirely in the house property of other area, city of 10 thousand divisions becomes Mr Zhang the first live, it is living final choice more. Standard 3: Does perfect form a complete set satisfy   of demand of each administrative levels why to major client choice lives in central area or live? The 2 ~ that use price of prep above suburb even 3 times buy the unit that 120 square metre control an area, total prices is close 3 million yuan, because downtown form a complete set is perfect,crucial reason is, the life is easy, this is the value of form a complete set. Form a complete set is only perfect, the life just facilitates, this also is one of factors with the life the mainest villa. If be in,be apart from the region with not remote center, one is had have downtown shopping centre only form a complete set of ability some advantage, and the 1 / that the price is central area only 2 or 1 / 3, so the value of this property cans be imagined. Be located in a plum to watch high speed China to be the city of 10 thousand divisions of exit is afore-mentioned models make, the with great concentration that carries 10 thousand sections 4 years is developed, already portrayed city of 10 thousand divisions successfully the life big city that has 530 thousand square metre for, establishment of form a complete set rivals the advantage of downtown completely, the owner of each age administrative levels can enjoy the advantage of establishment of form a complete set. Be like public make school of test of city of 10 thousand divisions 9 years, let the child never leave home to be able to enjoy high level education. And 3. The business street of 50 thousand square metre, now already all fronts does business, and introduce the brand distributor of high quality scales, be like coffee of allusion of orange osmanthus a small room, Ke Songfang, Kendeji, Hua Runmo beautiful, name to wait, life quality forces continuously central area. City of 10 thousand divisions has 1. 20 thousand square metre is municipal place of park of motion of lake of desire of square, 7000 square metre, 5000 square metre, meeting, the person of different age is deducing the life setting of different position. Standard 4: Property of 10 thousand families regards the property management   of high level as one of property management companies that home has dimensions most, it is first carries certificate of quality of international of ISO9002, 1994 tripartite smoothly business inside course of study, come 26 years all the time with great concentration is owner of 10 thousand divisions people provide safe, close, overall property service, the height that got broad owner is approbated and praise. Property of 10 thousand families is divided outside maintaining high level to serve, still serve professional organization with hotel of world-renowned high end -- alliance of property of world gold key cooperates, introduce concept of advanced administrative pattern, service and personnel training mechanism, provide more exalted, individuation, safe service for villatic owner. Need the client that live in villa and lives truly only, what just can know property is important, just can go fine fine sample the service of meticulously. Standard 5: Personalized illicit enjoys dimensional   living villa, the illicit that the most important is personalized demand, individuation enjoys a space, one day the ground makes the living earnest wish of traditional villa, but have the land while, have an underground sun private meeting place, more the new standard that makes nowadays villa live. Current, villatic design is more applicable, make a lot of potential and villatic clients enchanted. Basement is used double first design, it is the space of complete darkness no longer, however daylighting is good; And be linked together with the garden, spendable space greatens. Villa regards a kind of residence as the product, substaintial in the final analysis still should fall to live, because this life just is villatic height, the life villa also is the market go up most the product type with rare precious. While the market chases after villa of resource of the sea that hold hill in both hands, have city of face of villa of many hill sea every year, and program level and scenery more superstratum building, and the building that above life villatic level has on Shenzhen market dish no more than is pure water bank and city of 10 thousand divisions two. This shows, of the life villa and resource villa " scenery Ben Tiancheng, fine hand gets occasionally " photograph comparing, what need to develop business more is elaborate make and gigantic endowment devoted, because this is more valuable, rarer,be short of not fathomless also. (Editor: Zhang?

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