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Inferior north is villatic: When " old " villa is encountered " new " villatic
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As standard of living rise, people is right the demand of living environment is higher and higher also. Area of traditional Ya Yun Cun cannot have satisfied the living requirement of people, everybody went to target move inferior the villa of boreal area.

The buy estate adviser that loves inn of apartment of my home big quarter according to me introduces, from inferior in light of the integral circumstance of boreal area villa, main component is two parts. The first part is the villa of " old " that with garden of king government office and city fragrant garden gives priority to area, its characteristic is:

1. Build time " old " . It is to be in 96 years to come 99 years mostly had built, with the union that expecting is a ferroconcrete.

2. The building designs " old " . The design at that time basically is a sitting room, it is mobile area, 2 bedrooms are to rest area, the function is not perfect.

But, the house over there now expands ceaselessly as the development of land, the area of " old " at that time had become inferior the central position of boreal area, and house garden area is large, buy oneself to be able to rebuild.

The buy estate adviser that loves my home according to me introduces, the 2nd part is with accept handkerchief canyon, Wengehua the " new " of the composition such as forest, Maikalunde is villatic area, its characteristic is:

1. Build 2007 around, the exterior is to introduce Europe type style mostly. If accept handkerchief canyon is the villa that light steel structure uses for the first time on Chinese history more, live rise return

2. The design between example is designed by foreign stylist, style and old quarter have very big distinction, pay attention to the functional sex of master room and comfortable sex more.

I love my home to express, no matter be " old " villa or " new " villatic, when both " encounter " when perhaps do not need awkwardness, have make a final decision because their master heart is medium early.

Inferior north is villatic: When " old " villa is encountered " new " villaticBy

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