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Chinese room city " help city " the mouth battles heating up debate backside is
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House property invests amplitude to still exceed 3 to become, nearly 1/3 what estate development invests to occupy fixed assets to invest about. The number shows, development of our country estate completes investment first half of the year one thousand three hundred and nineteen billion six hundred million yuan, grow 33.5% compared to the same period. This one increasing ratio last year tower above of the corresponding period 5 percent, the investment that the estate market wave motion with afraid outside may bring glides the phenomenon did not appear (on July 20 " Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for " ) .

At present, chinese estate wants around otherwise " help city " the mouth battles hit so that heating up. I notice, disputant separates a group roughly: It is a view " help city " clique. For instance: Chamber of commerce of estate of countrywide business association comes at adjusting policy of estate adjusting control the proposal to appear in the newspaper on July 5 countrywide business association, meanwhile, association of Chinese real estate already was adjusted with respect to estate policy offer a few proposals, will report concerned branch to serve as decision-making reference. Appear in the newspaper from estate chamber of commerce " help city " the date of the proposal looks, the estate height forum that before comparing this, holding without stannum is early still a day. Apparent, with president of Hua Yuan group Ren Zhijiang reachs Feng Lun of chairman of bureau of director of 10 thousand groups development that head business collective appeals " help city " be not one fashionable to rise.

2 it is to object " help city " clique. For instance estate of China of association of countrywide real estate and residential seminar vice-chairman consider Yun Chang to be opposite " help city " say special repulsion. He expresses, the whole nation that national statistic bureau releases 70 big in data of count of urban estate market shows, built housing sale price to rise compared to the same period in June 9.2% , relatively on of the month go up reduce a percent; Annulus comparing rises 0.1% , relatively on the month goes up decrease 0.1% , market of estate of whole of this specification whole nation is in rational regression in the process.

3 it is to await wait-and-see clique. Think " help city " shoulded not be hurried make conclusions, still remain to observe.

The mouth battles attend a war to just have two kinds of people in the main, one kind is economic expert, another kind is land agent and its interest spokesman.

Plainspoken, "Help city " the essence that the mouth battles is to send what profit gain weichis to turn white-hot each nevertheless, because the mouth battles,be elite only mostly people in engage in a battle of land of professional level cross verbal swords, close square social community nature to be not inserted as interest remote on character. Make me disappointed mix incomprehensible is, the governmental function branch that represents as people interest did not stand to give out authority up to now sound and indicate governmental position.
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