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2008 first half of the year demand of property of Chengdu estate high end still
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On July 10, 2008, travel of couplet of quantity of intermediate of orgnaization of famous and landed service released international 2 quarters market reviews a report, go out in report middle finger among them, chengdu estate market is in 5.12 short of Wenshui River plain brief halt lag was experienced to restore quickly below earth shock effect. Shake hind is high quality build office building demand exuberant, office building upgrades demand increases, already decided to garrison the enterprise of Chengdu to also did not change outspread pace because of the earthquake before shake, on high-end house market high quality building dish to the attention of building quality equipment of the person that also buy a house because of shake hind accepts favour.

   Demand of office building of high quality first class is exuberant

Show according to data, office building of first class of the Chengdu City inducted a quantity completely first half of the year 2008 for 17, 400 square metre, relatively the corresponding period went up greatly last year 266% . Demand basically comes from domestic and international enterprise to garrison Chengdu opens a branch, 71% what its scale occupies market assembly to pay an amount, among them, energy company performance is highlighted particularly.

After the earthquake, to office building character upgrade demand is highlighted, hire a guest to ask to promote ceaselessly to office building security and property management character, inside season, behavior of intermediate quantity couplet company of 10 great energy is in some whole world sweet case lira (Examine a map) hire is made an appointment with 7, 000 square metre (contain obligate enlarge to lease an area) office building area, this also is up to now the biggest on market of office building of Chengdu first class rent clinch a deal case. From at present the market clinchs a deal look on data, a lot of originally the tenement of second class office building with hire more general quality apt removes nowadays supreme character builds office building; And a few already have originally remove the tenement of the plan, plan also is accelerated apparently. First half of the year, ministry of real estate of business of travel of intermediate quantity couplet already was domestic and international enterprise to rent office building area successfully to amount to at Chengdu 20, 000 square metre, the current that demand of high quality office building increases will continue ceaselessly. As the need of the market, hire will split up further. End by June 2008, hire of first class office building is every square metre every months RMB 102 yuan, relatively the corresponding period rose last year 17% . Sweet case lira, medium annulus square (Examine a map) , times square (Examine a map) , force treasure edifice build first class office building expression is driving, hire amplitude is bigger. After shake, show according to relevant data, become divided of hire of new old office building will be more apparent, incorporate is in high quality the hire that builds office building will last as the growth of demand tall; Conversely, the office building with relatively obsolete facilities, hire will be farther as the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of tenement go low.
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