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From last year in July up to now level of hire of Shenzhen office building rises
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Investigate on the spot through the reporter, be in a year of in the past, the level of office building hire of Shenzhen rises generally, among them Nashanzhong heart area goes up highest, for 18.82% ; Center area hire goes up on the west a lowest, for 0.98% . The personage inside course of study thinks, future one year hire of area of blessing tanaka heart appreciates potential is the greatest.

"Go up " it is thematic

Look from findings, "Go up " it is thematic. Except Nashanzhong heart area (18.82% ) , center on the west area (0.98% ) be in highest with lowermost amplitude position outside, area of blessing tanaka heart and Luo Hu (second class) the hire of office building compared to the same period amplitude is respectively 6.95% with 5.4% , row the 2nd mix the 3rd.

World couplet travel is industrial and commercial Yang Cheng of shop chief inspector thinks, hill center area goes up south big, because,basically be last year coastal city east join the gang of first phase of the benefit that reach a day, begin hire general on the low side, through a year of much adjustment, its hire rises faster. "It is mature that area and Luo Hu area had compared the center on the west, and the administrative levels of office building brings about hire not together to rise finite. " Jiang Shaojie of general manager of business department of beautiful couplet property says.

Specific area hire has pressure of be issued to lower levels

To future which area hire rises potential is the greatest, yang Cheng and Jiang Shaojie think area of blessing tanaka heart still is to have latent capacity most. Yang Cheng thinks, pan Yue comes to the building that heart area leases Futianzhong not to make work only more, these property will drive other building dish hire rises.

Jiang Shaojie expresses, existing and exact message says, hong Kong serves course of study to enter outback doorsill to will be reduced, the meeting such as office of the travel of lawyer of a few high end that this means Hong Kong, accountant, medical establishment enters inland in a large-scale, and the first market that Shenzhen will be them, they also are sure area of heart of tanaka of meeting general blessing regards first selection as office spot, "Because this predicts the hire here,go up in future 15%-20% will be achieved inside a year. "Because this predicts the hire here,go up in future 15%-20% will be achieved inside a year..

In the meantime, jiang Shaojie still expresses, as coastal city on the west the benefit that reach a day 2 period join the gang, the supply of heart area will increase Nashanzhong, and tenement or only confine at industry of content shedding, science and technology, heart area hire has predicting Nashanzhong reduced pressure.

Each area survey

The hire austral center of area of blessing tanaka heart rises apparent

Last year up to now, area of blessing tanaka heart has edifice of classics trade center, new world center, fortune and contemporary international to wait for project join the gang, these projects are in hire price is inferior last year, digest period later its hire has small to rise. And big group rents a settle or live in a strange place enter, promoted apparently new dish digestive speed. The office building south the center, wait like center of chamber of commerce of first phase of outstanding times square, international, ascendant trend is relatively clear.
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