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Changsha local government saves sample of test of real estate of city of city di
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“ the policy of this government, will be the market and safeguard walking on two legs, the key is the steady progress that maintains market of estate of the Changsha City, avoid big cases to fall greatly. Shi Changsong of secretary of Party committee of management board of property right of building of ” the Changsha City, director says. Data picture
On March 22, far the Pan Shige that is in Beijing (guest of Pan Shige rich, pan Shige news, pan Shige says) , with about building city “ the argument of ” of 100 days of revulsion, lifted 2008 a list of plays of pathos of Chinese building city. Terrified, solemn and stirring, hero breaks the ” of “ miserable intense of wrist, be in for a short while it seems that, the low ebb of building city already became a kind of collective sexual behavior.

On July 21, government of the Changsha City publishs series policy, the structure of supply and demand with building new market rebuilds in the line attempt that strive ensures suspense in the housing that defeat solution. at city of whole China building, as mid warden sanded real estate experiments, can provide example of a typical sex for major 23 lines city probably.

“ this policy, advance what cannot consider as a government simply to help city in the round. A personage that approachs a high level says government of ” the Changsha City so. Look in him, the key tendency of this round of policy, be to in the mode that the housing problem of low income estate solves innovates, this is the housing that has category of key, cent safeguard suspense defeats solution.

   Point to the housing safeguard that has arrangement

“ economy applicable room deserves to hire change to become from objective bright the monetary allowance that fill, and rent a house to cheap this, increased safeguard strength and cover a range, the housing that forms body of a flight of stairs truly guarantees a system. ” the train of thought according to the government, how to reside a project to will include old city to rebuild, admittance of housing of sex of tired plan of solution of housing of especially tired industry, perfect perfect safeguard and exit trends management to wait, only 2008 a year, the government will accord with economy for 12 thousand the family that applicable Fang Shen buys a level provides the subsidy that buy a house.

In light of the content that involves from the file, the file core that this Changsha municipal government publishs depends on “ market ” and “ safeguard ” two. Guarantee ” portion in the light of “ , carry out in the round how to reside a project, in 3 to shanty town of 10 million square metre is transformed in the round inside 5 years, the target —— that realizes everybody to enjoy home of housing safeguard, home to have one ring house is in this, the money of applicable room changes economy to hire the standard of the room to rise with cheap, make the largest window.
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