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5 Dali of Guangzhou buy building opportunity to already arrived by the proof
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Occupy newest statistic data to show, 10 area skill residences of Guangzhou clinched a deal May this year the quantity has three hundred and ninety-three thousand one hundred square metre only, lot of Guangzhou building city comes 3 years the corresponding period clinchs a deal the lowest of the quantity, floor price also falls apparent, downtown floor price falls in 20% ~ 30% , suburb building dish price fall nearly 50% . Beyond question, all computation gives Guangzhou building city to be entered in the round according to going up to already was mirrorred " off-season " . But to investor, off-season this skill? What is the reason of off-season buy course of study? Expert of the personage inside many course of study and house property all thinks, floor price fall after a rise is at present apparent, privilege is bigger, bamboo shoot Pan Pin shows, off-season it is the inning that investor enters town.

   Reason invests return rate when 1 period of time is good apparent

Guangzhou city cold tung invests Han Shitong of general manager of advisory limited company (guest of Han Shitong rich, han world is the same as news, han Shitong says) : To investor, I think to want to see the end of investment, the appreciates with pursuit objective that pursues redound is different, if of pursuit redound is long term,invest, if pursuit appreciates, is short-term sex. If regard such person as,invest the guest's word, I think to be willing now the person of city, also basically be to value redound.

I agree with Pearl River new city quite (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) investment value. If the meeting of Guangzhou exhibits course of study to be done enoughly big, can become national level, world-class, Asia the first, the CBD construction that develops international form to Guangzhou so has profit very much. What CBD follows RBD is interactive, international ginseng is exhibited business and purchase business to be met times add, if many abroad exhibits business to set the sentence that exhibit here, the person that buys your office building, person of commodity house can increase, investment return rate will rise substantially.

In addition, I value the development of Na Sha industry and investment value quite. Na Sha is driven in the industry such as big industry, plus Na Sha the zoology resource such as sea of a few annulus, after a few years, do not eliminate meeting development to make a kind of trade model, of zoology, seaside metropolitan. Current, manufacturing industry already began the respect such as economy of course of study of abortion following matter, airport to be united in wedlock, so affirmative meeting drives housing demand.

I hold to the investment idea that period of time discusses all the time. Period of time is in by that is to say the price this phase does not suit overheat of exorbitant, industry apparently investment; And be about to see your investment ability when period of time is good, investment what and area invests in which too won't poor, just earn many little just. To investing a guest character, must grasp favorable opportunity, must be buy in the ability in oneself, must have long-term ideal effect, possible implementation earns ability not to have a deficit only.
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