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World luxuriant share: Profit of company net profit grows 46.11% compared to the
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Luxuriant share releases the generation in the newspaper shows, the company is only first half of the year profit compared to the same period amplitude 46.11% , main the project of garden of Nanjing world Mao Binjiang because of share (first phase) report period enters settle accounts, bring good yield to the company.

The newspaper shows in, face real-estate industry invests growth first half of the year, but the adverse situation that sale pressure increases, the company is passed increase sale strength, accelerate in build a project to develop plan, drive advocate course of study is developed to commercial real estate and run the measure such as transition, obtained good management outstanding achievement.

Inside report period, the company comes true advocate business Wu income 442 million yuan, with on year the corresponding period increases 10.16% ; Implementation net profit thirty-three million one hundred and fifty-eight thousand one hundred yuan, with go up photograph comparing increases year of the corresponding period 46.11% . Among them, nanjing world luxuriant estate development limited company contributes yield thirty-seven million eight hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred yuan, occupy appear on the market 114.06% of profit of company net profit.

World luxuriant share: Profit of company net profit grows 46.11% compared to the same period first half of the yearBy

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