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"Why does city of building of golden week " see " gold " clinchs a deal to drop
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The data of net of Beijing estate buying operation shows, "11 golden weeks " during, period room day all signs Beijing commodity house to be measured about it is 69, become trade this year a the quantity is least long holiday, compared to the same period last year " 11 golden weeks " dropped 72% . (on October 6 " new capital signs up for " )

The building city in be in predicament was greeted " the golden week " , however merciless reality makes clear, building city " gold 9 " already was the past, enter in October, the person that buy a house still is in wait-and-see, "Silver-colored 10 " be afraid also emersion " cold winter " . The expression of the urban building city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing proved this.

Latter, 10 thousand divisions depreciate, world luxuriant depreciate, constant depreciates greatly... real estate big wrist is the first " diving " , became almost in September " sales promotion month " , but building city still does not have emersion in former years " gold 9 " grand occasion. Be in building city " lively " rear, the sale is lack of power, stringent shrink taut estate the capital chain of business. View a group of data first, the Central Bank is led through increasing deposit reserve and the method such as open market business, money of clean first quarter steam again 1.06 trillion yuan. The Central Bank is many the purpose of steam again money is control credit, contractive fluidity, increased development business to obtain the difficulty of loan from the bank namely to the influence of estate market.

In fact, estate company encountered the problem of pocket shrink however when needing money most, sure the become divided that causes estate company. Can obtain fund from other channel, can sell the house quickly go out, can make sure oneself cash flows, can obtain continue to live the opportunity; that go down and there is the ground to do not have money in the hand, the house sells immobile to develop business, or reluctance is propped up, or is washed out. Those use all sorts of sales promotion methods to sell the development of the house the hurried skill of business in the golden week, the concern that shows the secret worry place that gives them to expand presence to building city to show and fear.

The house sells do not go out, business of a lot of development thinks the person that buy a house is wait-and-see is the biggest question. But why from last year the room is borrowed new politics in a few months after passing, didn't house price still achieve a balance to nod? The reason is a few development business still is put in fluky psychology. When building city is auspicious last year, the building that some ought appear on the market dish, development business wants to waiting to sell a good price; however when building city is cool this year, business of a few development still chooses wait-and-see, await that day of arrival that market situation ameliorates. Building city is in nowadays " the golden week " suffer " cold current " , it is development business actually the result of get enmeshed in a web of one's own spinning.
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