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The holiday is secondhand the room trades link is clearer than adding 50% rooms
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And the person that buy a house was reflected to be in however by low-key tigidity demand secondhand rise what the room trades considerably on, clinch a deal measured annulus comparing to increase 50% .

Develop business: Lowest 7.3 fold help city

According to statistic, capital " 11 " before the building of to the limit of one's capacity dish almost all fronts depreciates. Landed old of 10 thousand divisions depreciate to affect eventually Beijing field, scenery of holiday of the grain in rolls out the banner special offer room buys LOFT 600 thousand yuan, all before valence is compared low give every square metre 4000 yuan, discount extent was achieved 7.3 fold.

In the city east area, county of rose of China course of study lowest of room of special offer of more than 70 clothbound 7.8 tuck up, 珺 peak entire section 9.4 fold, east bank of fierce exterminate city 9.2 fold. The area austral the city, wen Chengjian is built roll out special offer room 8.1 lose privilege. Special offer of small family of city of grand female ideal house 6880 dynast pay every square metre to rise 80 thousand yuan. All ages beautiful city is rolled out 8.6 lose privilege all valence every square metre twelve thousand five hundred yuan. City on the west area, burgeoning time is rolled out 8 break special offer house privilege of every square metre 3500 yuan. Vessel city E asks state small family of clothbound of 40 square metre entire section 9.4 fold. Ocean landscape pushed the 2nd batch of special offer to show room lowest on September 20 7.6 fold.

City north area, the park shows 2 house 2008 times 8.8 fold. Beijing popular a section in The Book of Songs consisting of sacrificial songs is rolled out 8 after folding special offer to show a room to fold all valence every square metre 12 thousand yuan. The north on East Asia pushed young buy course of study to plan every square metre in September 7900 yuan have total money 9 fold.

"This ' 11 ' before the Lou Panji that roll out this getting on different level depreciates, the golden week that serves as only ' 11 ' should be this year a period with the strongest purchasing power, ' 51 ' the golden week already was cancelled, and Jin Jiuyue is restricted to wait for an influence all right again, ' 11 ' the golden week became the sale period of time that development business values most this year, have a lot of buildings so dish put in ' 11 ' before roll out, and roll out a building this dish depreciate extent relatively before one phase has again drop. " Central Plains is landed Li Wenjie of general manager of China north division expresses to the reporter yesterday.

The market: Low clinch a deal quantity " irrigate cool " sales promotion is enthusiastic

Although development business is enthusiastic dye-in-the-wood, those who receive them is the market however " cold buttock " . According to Beijing estate management deals the net shows, to residence of 4 days of Beijing period room lot made an appointment with a quantity to be 721 on October 1, was on October 1 respectively 195, on October 2 162, on October 3 190, on October 4 174. Day all is signed make an appointment with a quantity to be 180 only.
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