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Not be building city cold winter at present 2009 house price or drop again 5%
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The 10 thousand divisions end August depreciate in Shanghai, start building city a great disturbance. Traditional busy season is coming, arrive from development business however cast all do not value this all right " Jin Jiuyin 10 " . Did not relax as a result of policy evidence, the person that buy a house is wait-and-see psychology is serious, the most astringent phase of real-estate industry winter still may not come.

Development business depreciates steam again capital

By August, as Shanghai 10 thousand divisions are the first barefaced hold a memorial ceremony for goes out " depreciate old standard " , new building of Hangzhou, Ning Bo and Nanjing and other places dish the sale begins to present initial potential. Many development business are about to take the advantage of " Jin Jiuyin 10 " sales promotion of depreciation of traditional busy season.

The international that build silver studies Yan Weihong represents an executive trustee, do not exclude a share medium or small land agent falls in circulating fund pressure considerably convert into money.

He points out, did not appear now national depreciation is current, it is bureau be confined to only individual building dish. Nevertheless, when sales promotion of depreciation of partial land agent, other development business follows only or cause dominoes effect. The exact key point that buy the home sees building value go from bad to worse, dare not enter town, aggravate building city exhausted situation lasts.

Cast row: Drop sign is possible count season continuously

Unripe bank of credit of investment bank Switzerland, constant release a report to say, the sale can be solved only with steam again capital " an extremely urgency " , anticipate short-term and municipal seat of government has direct policy to relax unlikely, domestic building price will is down further, drop situation or meeting count season continuously.

Lucky letter expects outback floor price can fall 2008 15% , dropped again 2009 5% , floor price will be held after 2010 firm. Should anticipate all right, macroscopical policy relaxes to be like,can be aimed at only capital construction, medium the industry related small look forward to and exit.

And the report that Heng Shengyin issued a few days ago all right also points out, at present building city drops situation or meeting count season continuously, just can appear later stabler anabiosis for a long time evidence.

On September 7, mei Sheng of Nie of chairman of chamber of commerce of estate of business association of Chinese whole nation publishs opinion on public affairs to say on one forum, in house price overall still rise, clinch a deal below the circumstance that the volume drops, at present Chinese estate market already formed supply to be more than the circumstance of demand far, a few months after real estate and even next year situation will be grimmer.

The most astringent phase or still did not come

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