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Nonlocal development business is cold see unit of bargain price of deep building
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Nonlocal development business is cold visit Shenzhen building town

Can says history on the most large-scale current autumn hand in meeting, share many 100 enterprise and 120 projects ginseng to exhibit. With what differ before be, below weak city situation, native land brand develops business ginseng to exhibit scale to take absolutely advantage, in joining the 120 many projects that exhibit, shenzhen project is occupied about 80% , this report gives the grim current situation of Shenzhen building city, and nonlocal development business is right the stay at a respectful distance from sb of Shenzhen market.

The reporter visits several buildings outside inside Shanghaiguan on the spot continuously dish, all discover the person that see a room is numerous, purchaser is little. The person that much name sees a room suffers visit express, exhibit this although the meeting develops business to also roll out a few privilege or discount each, but depreciate scope is too little, at present price of outside Shanghaiguan house still is in 8000 yuan basically, 10 thousand yuan or so, inside Shanghaiguan is in 12 thousand, 15 thousand yuan, still did not reach the psychological price of the person that buy a house.

Autumn hand in can clinch a deal all price falls defeat successively

Bureau of city land house property clinchs a deal systematic data shows, autumn hand in meet 5 days, bridal chamber clinchs a deal the quantity is 80 respectively, 51, 46, 64 mix 76, day all clinchs a deal 63, assembly hands in 317. This number, the week before mixing (on September 22, on September 28) clinch a deal to be compared 690 sets, had dropped half. Clinch a deal the price also is to issue defeat successively, all valence 15646 yuan from September 29 / square metre glides 8395 yuan of October 3 / square metre.

From period of time of whole golden week (on September 29, on October 5) in light of, whole town builds commodity house to clinch a deal 521, clinch a deal on average everyday 74, with last week (on September 22, on September 28) clinch a deal 690 photograph comparing, drop 24.49% ; Clinch a deal area 47240 square metre, with clinch a deal last week 70548 square metre are compared, drop 33.04% ; Clinch a deal all valence every square metre 10829.17 yuan, with last week all valence 12947.35 yuan / square metre photograph is compared, drop 16.36% ; Whole town assembly pays amount five hundred and eleven million five hundred and seventy thousand yuan, day all clinchs a deal 73.08 million yuan, with clinch a deal last week nine hundred and thirteen million four hundred and ten thousand yuan of photograph comparing, drop 43.99% .

Special offer unit is involving outer plate area centrally

Analytic personage points out, nearly one year half since, shenzhen building city first day clinchs a deal all price falls defeat 10 thousand yuan. Have ginseng exhibit business to express, this is the clear signal that building city continues to be down.

Tall salangane of expert of courtyard of city company division expresses, clinch a deal all price falls defeat 10 thousand yuan, be belong to special offer room mostly because of what clinch a deal, pull low all valence. Via preliminary calculation, the building of 80% dish roll out special offer unit, and partial unit falls not small still, refresh of a region house price new low. But this special offer unit basically appears in outside Shanghaiguan to wait for an area, the special offer unit of the area such as cropland of Luo Hu, blessing is less, and special offer range is not big also. For example blessing cropland is making work building dish in all 11, among them 6 roll out special offer room, still have discount privilege or give gift to wait, but neither one building dish depreciate directly, integral price still strong be in 15 thousand, 19 thousand yuan / square metre left and right sides.
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