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Price of house of second line town drops is not " agitate bureau person " deprec
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House property of second line city depreciates is change of mode of dweller purchasing power, development and industry the result that collaboration of second element put together uses a variety of depth such as moving rule, absolutely cannot its pure and accusing at certain bibcock enterprise depreciate behavior.

From the point of situation of supply and demand, the prime cause that at present house property of second line city depreciates, should be estate investment growth is too rapid in recent years and house price growth is too rapid, and dweller purchasing power is relatively insufficient. The data that national statistic bureau publishs shows, up to in August end, area of empty place of countrywide commodity house amounts to 130 million square metre, grow 8.7% compared to the same period. Not allow in domestic and international economic situation hopeful instantly, contradiction of this kind of supply and demand is even more outstanding.

House price in recent years rose to be caused in the people ceaselessly intense " accumulated rancor " , real estate becomes China already " most the hate that enrol a person " industry. In the industry stagnant big setting falls, development business is necessary to cater to the person that buy a house through depreciating. The investigation of sina net shows, have most probably the netizen of above holds with 10 thousand divisions to depreciate, with development business 10 thousand divisions form strafe bright contrast.

From the point of development mode, estate market is regional very strong market, second line land agent ties a native land development more, stronger to the control force of price of this locality house. Market character decided the development mode of estate, namely landed enterprise does not seek capital turnover rate generally, go after this locality however the high profit margin of single item. If " vassal set up a separatist regime by force of arms " development mode is not changed, so second line land agent has wedding day to pass, this is the situation that the person that buy a house does not wish to see.

10 thousand divisions after crossing area big company to appear, estate develops mode occurrence change. These landed companies are not pure the profit margin that goes after single item, emphasize rapid development and sale, borrow efficient capital turnover rate to promote net assets yield. If did not come to the factory of estate to change production to be able to wait for enterprise implementation by 10 thousand divisions, capital turnover rate will promote further, below the premise that drops in net profit margin, still can achieve higher net assets yield. If development mode can transform, will enhance what house price falls or estate wool interest rate drops to anticipate, this pair of person that buy a house are advantageous, also be helpful for bibcock enterprise enlarging market share.

From the industry moving rule looks, the risk sex of landed industry decided the inevitability that industry sales profit ratio drops. The proportion that Chinese land cost holds estate cost is higher, and real-estate industry too depend on the bank borrows money and open to booking a paragraph. The current situation with at present constrictive money did not get alleviating at all, if open to booking money system and international to conform in the future, the capital chain of the industry will stretch tight closely again, the health that injures an industry develops. Set out from the consideration of avoid risk, business of second line development is necessary nip in the bud, with depreciate cater to market tigidity demand, accelerate strength of capital steam again.
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