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Sales promotion tries to find out the real intention city of building of " of th
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"Did not sell the house that does not go out, sell the price that does not go out only " , constant big real estate steers a boat the logion of person Xu Jiayin by the market wide be commend and carry out. Cash makes the important standard with judge room whether brillant look forward to for future of king, base oneself upon.

This year " 11 " long holiday, this inside year exclusive " the golden week " the optimal opportunity for combat of the sales promotion that be regarded. The old brand such as big, Long Hu develops 10 thousand divisions, constant business the whole line depreciates bring not the sale outstanding achievement of common. But look from the place, each district room hands in meeting boom degree and clinch a deal the figure is cold however hot not all. Evidence is daedal, should from " the golden week " be pleasant to the eye the future of Chinese building city, be not easy thing.

May the circumstance of oversight is: Yesterday, the Chinese A that affects the defeat below next all fronts in international finance situation, estate index rises suddenly greatly. The hearsay cause a temporary clamor with building city good profit is about to push in the center of. Even message personage says, some line develops business to already began to consider raising price in the round after depreciating in a large-scale.

Probably, brillant investor and observation home had been in trifling detail backside is faint what to discover. This period, newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities is sentenced solely beforehand " hind the golden week " building city. We are OK and affirmative, be about to bring building city to the numerous incident of new change is brewing or had happened sadly.

Constant big chief source: After 4.8 billion moneys

Rise and fall in market of this round of estate in, constant big real estate is a star company that has not circled. From the beginning of the year 16 billion HK dollar appears on the market financing plans to begin, constant big real estate is regarded as hopeful to ask a vessel " Chinese house property the first " ground king enterprise. Subsequently, suffer general trends of international of be confined to, constant appears on the market greatly the plan pauses. Ever since, constant is big the fund condition after land of 45.78 million square metre is laid in suffers fully fix eyes upon. Xu Jiayin says frankly, how to alleviate capital pressure, it is an enterprise really those who be faced with is important with immediate task.

To July, constant announces to finish global illicit collect the 3rd round greatly, forehead of financing of 600 million dollar exceeds even this year A the total financing forehead of a few landed companies that appear on the market. In the meantime, for catenary of capital of further give aid and support, festal sales promotion makes the another choice with big constant.

Go up in such decision-making node, xu Jiayin reflected detached and as different as common development business strategy vision. Message personage says, the many Fangyuan that can begin to sell in March this year originally is delayed to entirely this year " the golden week " . With Xu Jiayin's view, be sure to come true namely " + of gardens true condition shows building + clothbound to repair definitely " plan of city of high-quality goods face, strengthen the person that buy a house " the first " approbate degree, implementation " open quotation special offer, special offer appreciates " concept self-identity.
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