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Residential price maintains concussion to glide situation
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“ we predict the market demand this year to be controlled for 3.8 million square metre, and the total supply of the market may exceed 4 million square metre slightly, so this year will be the market that a supply and demand balances basically. And 2008 of residential price walking along situation general is the trend that concussion glides, just appear likely first half of the year till 2009 invert on raise. ” Dai Deliang studies the ministry is in charge of Li Qingwen all right, yesterday make clear on the news briefing first quarter point out, the momentum of get warm again after a cold spell of price of floor of second half of the year that development business place expects, the likelihood appears very hard.

According to the statistic that Dai Deliang goes, at present the area of the room that put an amount of Guangzhou makes an appointment with 1.16 million square metre, the still has 450 thousand square metre possibly price fixing house inside year is supplied, at the same time still what 2 million square metre controls is in build commodity house throw on the market, add upside to divide already subscribe but did not sign the housing area that make an appointment with to make an appointment with 400 thousand square metre, because the supply of this annual will achieve 4 million square metre, change from 2004 since beg be more than for the situation.

Li Qingwen disclosed a striking figure, the cost that Guangzhou developed business to be used at buying the land last year is total more than 25 billion yuan, originate basically among them capital market financing and bank loan, rise in the cost that buy a house so, consumer is wait-and-see and below the circumstance of grow in quantity of the room that put an amount, development business passes market forestall ability very hard to control market condition like in former years, will achieve the goal that makes floor price rise.

He still points out, because annual is aggregate last year the plot of the floor area of 5 million square metre of sell one's own things is medium, only at present 2 million square metre develops business to be able to obtain license, because development business can pass control this 2009,develop rhythm to obtain breath space.

And the part develops business to express to the reporter, of short duration is difficult during 51 ” of “ judge the market whether get warm again after a cold spell. So current sale strategy may be explore with realer value the market, but building dish whole all valence can connect change the name of owner in a register model improved, decorate class promotion to wait will maintain in stable level, with keeping the faith of the person that buy a house potentially.

Among them, develops building dish the price all the time real estate of relatively strong new world China expresses, although new money annulus is compared during 51 ” of “ ,depreciate somewhat, but the product is different. The mainstream product of new world is the 3 rooms of small area and 4 houses unit, and the takes a garden double flatlet that still has the scarce 95 square metre on Guangzhou market 3 rooms are unit, and the design such as the 4 houses unit of 96 square metre is rolled out, because this believes,can compare an advantage to strive for for private use to buy the home in market competition by right of sexual price.
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