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Shanghai: Repeatedly makings of altar delay pond
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According to the analysis, this week may appear supply a climax, because develop business to want to catch up with 51 ” of “ to small long holiday is recommended this and see the “ gold time of the room,be ” . Xue Jianxiong of director of research center of bless power estate says, the supply of last last year in April a week achieves 80 much square metre, the amount that last this year in April a week supplies should can achieve above of 500 thousand square metre.

And, bridal chamber supplies blowout to will last to May. The information such as net of room of real estate of integrated net main rooms, search discovers the reporter, what appeared on the market in May is new dish the amount will have 30 many, with room source sang what leading role differs beyond outer shroud April is, building of the city zone of the center inside outer shroud dish the amount will have in April relatively relatively substantially rise. Roll out besides the early days such as Xu Hui, lasting peace new dish of more area outside, north of rainbow mouth, brake these two long have no more large-scale new dish of the city zone that appear on the market, predict to also have each two buildings dish roll out bridal chamber source.

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