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Land of Tianjin center the city zone 0 sing leading role with the ground into co
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Whole in May town clinchs a deal in all land 42, among them industrial land 30, other reachs business to take the land to live. 5 residences that clinch a deal this month kind in using the land, seaside new developed area 2, county of outer suburbs area 3, 4 areas all do not have the urban district and around the city land clinchs a deal.

Landed China net discovers, become friendship condition residence to drop gradually with awn of flashes of light preceding an earthquake that month, of industrial land clinch a deal performance is brisk. Clinch a deal in whole land market in, industrial land place holds proportion bigger; The residence that clinchs a deal this month is centered in seaside and periphery outskirt county with the ground, business of the development below indication benefit good condition is right the sturdy confidence of market of seaside new developed area, strength of the enlarge outside living at the same time also is being increased ceaselessly, the land of central the city zone clinchs a deal blank this month, central the city zone suffers the inadequacy that offer the ground to affect, prospective price will still relatively strong.

This year May, tianjin land is supplied in all 63, among them industrial land 41, other is reached to live business the ground. Acreage of land sell one's own things is total about 3.768 million smooth rice, industrial land in all sell one's own things 2.209 million smooth rice, occupy 58.6% what always accumulate for the ground, live reach business the ground adds up to 1.466 million smooth rice, the program can construct scale about 2.704 million smooth rice. Tianjin city predicts to supply the residence to be made an appointment with with the ground this year 9.6 million smooth rice, end to already was made an appointment with for using ground accumulative total in May 5.2 million smooth rice, annual supplies a plan to finish about 54% , annual plans to may be overfulfiled for the ground.

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