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ZhongGuanCun of Beijing of VS of Tianjin seaside new developed area
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Face the competition that comes from ZhongGuanCun, tianjin seaside new developed area also gives out response, their practice was to be started instantly new ” of round “ finance innovation, and the content of innovation is OTC market to measure a body to have something made to order namely. On May 29, 2008, in the Dongli lakefront of beauty of seaside new developed area, capital market ace gathers, first " Dong Lihu forum " pull open big screen, the theme of forum is “ finance innovation and ” of OTC market construction. Be in " Dong Lihu forum " before kicking off, china's biggest government is achieved cast guide poineering venture capital investment of new developed area of seaside of fund —— Tianjin to guide fund company to announce, the 4 commerce fund that first guiding will June new developed area of seaside of Tianjin of make one's bow.

To OTC market, cui Jin of Tianjin city deputy mayor crosses express: The OTC market of Tianjin will decide the market outside be located in national field, specific requirement returns the company that looks advancement trades into OTC market to did not decide, OK and affirmative is to ask to meet greatly under advocate board, also meet under do poineering work board. Tianjin seaside couplet casts Ying Ze of holding company president from think: OTC market won't rely on Tianjin to have resource to undertake building merely, in home, this market also can consider to introduce orgnaization of other exchange, finance and even guild to participate in establish; And at present, the first job that OTC market builds is as soon as possible establish market is primary system foundation, make OTC market did not come along national, normative sex, but durative way develops.

Can see, around OTC market, new developed area of seaside of Beijing ZhongGuanCun, Tianjin sends force again and again, competitive posture is formed. Current, the seaside new developed area that has gotten written reply to a subordinate body of the State Council lies apparently get run the position, and, the planning job that is aimed at OTC market is already intense spread out. To the fixed position of OTC market, tianjin seaside couplet casts Ying Ze of holding company president from in " Dong Lihu forum " on the point of view that offer is: Tianjin should draw lessons from OTCBB market of the United States. Hold same point of view still the State Council develops Xia Bin of director of institute of research center finance, he writes civil point out: Those who be in the United States mutiple level in the market, a market fits Chinese business very much, namely OTCBB market. OTCBB trades breed is very much, include negotiable securities, identify unit of equity card, fund, United States to put hold a proof in the palm (ADRs) .

The OTC market that shows respectively to new developed area of seaside of Beijing ZhongGuanCun, Tianjin builds enthusiasm, " Dong Lihu forum " finance of secretary-general, Beijing University and Cao Zehui of vice director of industrial research center think: Beijing ZhongGuanCun and future of Tianjin seaside new developed area form a kind of collaboration probably concern, or a kind of clear division of labor. Because look from American experience, OTC market statified it is a kind of efficient configuration, OTC mart branch of the United States is 3, it is bar of Nasidake, electron trades respectively the market namely market of OTCBB, pink sheet, so, beijing ZhongGuanCun and Tianjin seaside new developed area seek the fixed position that follows his respectively, so, OTC market of China will get more full-scale development.
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