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Management of Hong Kong property develops way
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One, the change of law exemple
(one) , the balance of owner and concern of content canal director and influence
To adjust owner and tubal already manage for quite a long time influence is lopsided reach the relation with both improvement, legislation of government of Hong Kong special zone is met civil affairs committee suggests to revise at rolling out advisory file in May 2003 " building regulation (344 chapters) " , relax the restriction that owner ends handler appoint. Below new precedent, property has a person to need to owning share of industry advantageous position only the hundreds owner of 20/0 agrees to fall, what can be worth with simple great majority on owner congress is voting, fire its are fair agree handler.
This plan causes industry tremendous echo. Support should edit the organization of plan thinks generally, uptodate must count ability with shares of not less than 100 industry advantageous position the requirement of appoint of handler of terminable collective contract is too strict exacting, and new mechanism can gift the freedom with bigger owner is spent, will decide its are recruited according to the expression of handler, indirect ground encourages them to offer much better service; Owner more those who think new precedent is stimulative service quality is optimal assure.
The group that runs crosscurrent comes from real estate to develop business and tubal already natural science mostly, they think to edit program is too full, in foreknow below the circumstance that collective contract handler is changed again and again, go against the long-term program of property management; New measure also can advance the real estate of excessive competition situation of market of uptodate property government develops become acute trader is more anxious this plan can hamper they are opposite the management of the large and landed project that develops in installment, affect Lou Yu to sell. After seeking advice extensively via what cross a few months, legislative meeting decides to defer to pass afore-mentioned editing byelaw, so that gather the opinion of more citizen and industry further, the plan that concludes each just can be accepted afresh.
Afore-mentioned example mirror Hong Kong property to manage actually for quite a long time contradictory, dan Yike understanding concerns for owner and handler gradually the transient phenomena that hasten balances. Cite British sociologist loves Si Tan " mode of citizen participation progress " industry of canal of Hong Kong content is marching toward tubal final phase, namely owner reachs consumer as the citizen, administrative power of property of final can comprehensive dictate, and handler is exercise only the empower of its client. Professor Zhang Bingliang of college of Hong Kong city is in its composing " property manages one professional value and social responsibility " in also offer relevant theory, he thinks the impact of owner and handler is ultimate by " political management pattern " , translate into " consumer mode " reach " owner participates in mode in the round " .
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