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Manual of job of property government manager (1)
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1. When the building of the operation method when with development business contract provision, management is in early days to take-over, discovery designs the problem such as blemish to cannot obtain unanimous opinion, how to do?

Answer: Endeavor to communicate, can abandon partial secondary asking appropriately, make sure principal opinion and proposal are reached consistent. If cannot gain the basiccest consensus really, can use two ways to solve:
1) business of according to development asks to carry out, but apply to development business with consequence of undesirable fact sex pressure, make development business compromises automatically.
2) obtain help of company high level, strive for in high-level above harmonious.

2. In working when administrative office staff, encounter greater difficulty and when fighting a gender, how to do?

Answer: Analyse above all fight gender and difficulty, pass oneself professional competence and draw on the wisdom of the masses, devise a few methods that solve a problem, demonstrate actually in be operated actually by oneself, obtain favorable result in order to strengthen the confidence of other administrator.

3. Obtain good job result when administrator, when exposing a complacent and proud mood, how to do?

Answer: 1) to guide, pass alone communication, undertake an analysis to the ability structure of this personnel, make its clear still a lot of is deficient in, need to rise further.
2) guide reversely, aggravating workload and enlarge working limits, arrange the issue of partial personnel above sb's bend. Its let produce setback move on certain level, the communication with alone repass makes his sober.

4. When the problem is loaded because of working responsibility between administrator and producing conflict, how to do?

Answer: Check above all conflict, handle the working issue that produces accordingly next by the post duty that decides namely, if post duty is put in certain flaw, must adjust in time immediately, adjusting process and processing process should be transparent, should let whole managing handle reasonable regulation.

5. When an administrator with concern better with you at ordinary times makes a mistake, how to do?

Answer: The relation is personal friendship very relatively, making a mistake is to be in the job, both and absolutely cannot incorporate consideration, to uphold fair, just principle, must act according to the rules, how should handle.

6. Become to concern with you at ordinary times when general administrator gains very great success, how to do?

Answer: Alexandrine problem, personal friendship and job cannot promiscuous, should be praised publicly to this personnel and have certain money reward.

7. When an administrator ability of job of consecutive period of time did not progress, when working condition is poorer, how to do?
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