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Guangzhou property manages new regulation to highlight 4 big change to still be
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Bureau of Guangzhou city price, room canal bureau is made jointly and apply formally at rising on November 1 last year " service of Guangzhou city property collects fees management carries out detailed rules " , " level of grade of service of government of property of Guangzhou town average house " , " 2004, service of property of average house of town of 2005 year Guangzhou collects fees, to the property of Guangzhou the service collects fees brought brand-new and tremendous change.

Plan cost means more hasten is agile -- " executive detailed rules " changed before the aspect that most property fulfils a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash, increased the flexibility of plan cost means and diaphaneity. Owner participates in a gender to promote -- the fiducial price that the property that implements governmental guidance price serves rate to manage company foundation to set by owner and property and float extent serve the agreement in the contract in property; Changed declare by property management company before, property of one by one of branch of governmental price officer examines and approve the practice that collect fees, be helpful for producing owner effect, advance property management to commercialize a process.

Rate more hasten is refined -- the change is pressed so multilayer the residence and the practice with high-level divisional residence, collect fees grade presses service content and service quality cent to be 3 grade, float extent is 15% , rate keeps balance basically with the standard that implements at present. The change serves content before too general, the hardware facilities facilities of the aptitude grade property management company and property serves as measure collect fees the practice of grade level. Accomplish truly " classify rates, by consider price character " , let owner be consumed for nothing obviously.

Collect fees behavior is more normative -- inside property management section, property management company is accepted entrust the collection water supply, power supply, air feed, communication, concerned charge such as cable television, must not wait for premium to owner collection poundage. Property service collects fees by legal property right area plan closes. Collect fees can press lunar plan to close only, divide owner freewill outside, must not close beforehand. During the establishment of form a complete set such as sanitation of the education of the village, medical treatment, parking lot and owner are decorated, collect fees with what decorate rubbish behavior had specific provision. Boycotted chaos to collect fees phenomenon, normative collect fees behavior.

Communal accrual patronizes owner -- new policy regulation, use property common facilities of place, public facilities undertakes management, ought to be in after asking for what congress of owner, owner, property runs a company relevantly to agree, deal with concerned formalities according to the regulation. Earnings gains basically ought to be used at capital of compensatory and special maintenance, also can use according to the decision of owner congress, this action safeguarded the rights and interests of broad owner. New regulation still made clear property service to collect fees the specific content that plain code marks a price, the unit that sets to carrying out plain code to mark a price, the basis concerned regulation gives punishment.
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