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Manual of job of property government manager (3)
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31. The member that sentence wife when management does not pay attention to cooperative spirit, often when pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others, how to do?

Answer: Communicate with its alone, call-over in public ask he cooperates other administrator to complete the work, comment on in public as a result to its, praise give priority to, develop his group collaboration drive with its.

32. When because of disposition when you the element cannot be in interior to divide personnel to form close relationship with management, how to do?

Answer: With the manner of do official business according to official principle, when handling an issue, wrong to the thing person, avoid the contradiction that brings about because of disposition element.

33. When inferior administrator exceed one's authority handles something, how to do?

Answer: Analyse the characteristic of this incident above all, if have special reason, and this administrator is handled really proper, should praise, conversely, exceed one's authority handles due and corresponding punishment.

34. When inferior administrator bypass the immediate leadership reflects a condition, how to do?

Answer: Bypass the immediate leadership mirrors have its difficulties that one is reluctant to mention surely, should adopt the attitude of wrong to the thing person, communicate alone with this administrator, requirement after him occupied and direct communicate, the situation that prevents report of bypass the immediate leadership appears.

35. When the proposal that becomes you and idea did not get sufficient superior supports, how to do?

Answer: The decision of obedient superior, accomplish the thing inside narrow range best, responsible to its result.

36. After the order make known to lower levels that becomes you, when failing to get be carryinged out strictly executive, how to do?

Answer: Consider this statement above all reasonable, be like completely reasonable, reiterate a command, exchange executes a person, make corresponding punishment to executing a person formerly.

37. Personnel of manage of be assigned personal responsibility for of instantly class greater part because capacity issue, when failing to finish the job of your make known to lower levels, how to do?

Answer: Undertake encouragement to half-baked personnel, undertake praising to completing personnel, be in next time when task of make known to lower levels, want do according to one's abilities, make reasonable target.

38. When holding regular meeting, somebody often is late or not absorption when attending a meeting, how to do?

Answer: Communicate with its alone, whether is investigation brought about because of reason of family, job, or it is to the director dissatisfaction is caused, if belong to individual reason, ask its are changed instantly, if belong to director reason, criterion do one's best reachs consensus, ask its are changed.
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