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Scanty compensate for 44 thousand yuan at car property is being lost to be sente
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The car stops in the village to appoint a car by pilfer, owner square gentleman thinks property company did not use up custodial obligation, tell property company the court. The reporter learned yesterday, change the original sentence of 2 quadrangle final judgment, cognizance property company stops management has careless omission, company of property of city of letter of celestial bodies of adjudicative Beijing north compensates for square gentleman more than yuan 44 thousand.

On August 2, 2004 in the evening 11 when 45 minutes, live in the rising sun the square gentleman of some village stops in the village to appoint a car this Tian Yage car that go up by pilfer. Of the same age October, insurance company compensate pays square gentleman more than yuan 195 thousand. Square gentleman thinks, oneself to the north of property company Beijing of the village company of Chen Xincheng property handed in property, jockey car, the charge such as security personnel, property company should set person specially assigned for a task 24 hours guard parking lot or use electronic monitoring surveillance. Car is in appoint parking space to lose, property company did not fulfil obligation effectively, did not provide clue of any concerned crack a criminal case even, property company should assume responsibility. In October 2004, square gentleman is sued to the court, the part that asks property company compensates for him to did not obtain insurance company to compensate for buys car section and car to purchase duty to wait in all more than yuan 98 thousand.

Property company says, the village has entrance door of a pass in and out only, 24 one hour value defend entrance guard, and have electronic monitoring. The village extended for the car of owner proof of car pass in and out, discrepancy is checked. That evening, the car of square gentleman leaves when going out, security personnel sees there is card on the car with respect to discharged. The company used up custodial responsibility and the administrative obligation that answer, the company does not have responsibility. Court of first instance with " did not use up guard obligation without company of property of sufficient evidence proof " for the prosecution that rejected square gentleman.

Cognizance hind is maintained, property company collection square gentleman 2004 car expend and appointed parking space for square gentleman, both sides was formed jockey government serves a relation. Property company serves as jockey administrative unit, the attention that park of gentleman of the other side ought to have discretion in the car inside the village is compulsory. Property company grants the proof of car checks discrepancy car, achieve safety to be on guard hard apparently purpose. The parking space both neither that property company appoints for square gentleman defends the limits of line of sight of security personnel in 24 one hour value, also be absent electronic monitoring range. 2 quadrangle final judgment is maintained, property company is in jockey careless omission of administrative field existence, should lose to square gentleman car assume corresponding liability to pay compensation.
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