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Beijing: Only 10 % village has the crucial point that deficit of owner congress
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14 days morning at 10 o'clock, by Sohu focus estate net and China teach Yo TV station 3 flatlet real estate the focal room that big lecture room of course of study of professional column buy sponsors jointly talks " property collects fees method how 1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out only then come out " , act greatly in Sohu sow hall to be held ceremoniously.

Be worth what carry is, there are 3 in 6 honored guests that attend this second forum is to attend city hair changed on July 5 appoint, city is built appoint those who make " Beijing property collects fees administrative measure " and " Beijing property service collects fees governmental guidance price rate " the delegate of price hearing, they are right the end of the year is about to execute this year " Beijing property service collects fees administrative measure " undertook be unscramblinged deep.

Property expends 0.9 yuan to be reduced actually substantially than before

President of limited company of property of Beijing gentleman a person of extraordinary powers, beijing property manages Yu Qingxin of chairman of chamber of commerce to think, this the government is in 2005 held hold court to meet July 5, should tell pair of property management to collect fees method and rate are very cautious attitude comes those who promote this work to begin.

We now it is tall that property manages 9 wool money to compare the past low still, in light of the document that offers from the government, with 196 compared to the same period, our rate is 8 wool 5, today 9 wool, the government is very glad tell everybody, keep balance basically. Was apart from 1997 this year have been a few years, 8 years, 8 years before, the wage level with average Beijing is less than 1000 money, and Beijing is average 2004 salary is 2004 money, pay level broke up one times much, there were not on the person 3 dangers 1997 one gold, the person that work outerly now wants to go up, water cost was 1997 a many, now is 3 many, charge of electricity was 4 wool 1997 much, now is 6 wool, all things are being adjusted, it is severalfold even when rising, our property cost keeps balance basically, should say property cost is to be reduced substantially. Also just because this, I can say in hold court, pure with respect to owner character, owner is satisfactory to this number, although some owner say, we now some consumer, some common people salary with respect to hundreds of money, hand in do not have property administration fee, if his month income hundreds of, domestic income is a problem, also can not afford a room, we should not consider, the government should be relieved. This also is brought about why property management company is almost overall at that time think whole price is lower, was to deviate from we need actually, also just follows this is relevant couplet. If pure from consumer, owner runs a company with property, it is to increase concern of a contract merely, owner asks we provide 9 wool fund, it is OK that we provide 9 wools fund, if you do not stress sincere desire, it is possible, need to had made exterior text only, the member protect clean that you can see can have been done to you with respect to OK, I do not go to all facilities facilities canal, be not what also can finish below sincere letter condition. But have a bit, property management company is a trade that in the government rigorous management finishs, the government sector has two branches to meet probably close check property runs a company, strong check project has two every year, can examine each aspect you are done, if you were not done, the high specified number that may cause a government fines, this amerce amount is very big, make property company becomes face difficult choice, property management collects fees very low, governmental requirement very tall, same argument, the expectation cost of consumer is very high also. This also is why property management company is dissatisfactory, and consumer feels possible still a main factor.
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