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Property management is begged change
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Property handler ought to do report one's work every year to report to owner, owner can undertake choose and be supervisoried to property handler, will decide its are recruited according to the expression of handler. Citizen and consumer serve as owner, want administrative power of comprehensive dictate property finally, and handler is exercise only the empower of its client
The contradiction of property company and owner becomes the fact that does not dispute already, investigation shows, 7 be opposite into owner property company is dissatisfactory. To solve these problems, one real-estate project of Beijing " the courtyard on Naga " announce to be started formally " property revolution " pilot, cause trade temporarily inside wide attention. The proponent thinks, this is beneficial attempt, for property tubal sleave monarched new way. Hold the person that disagree to think: Property code did not affirm to qualification of main body of itself of board of directors of property right person, particular operation mode is feasible also do not have final conclusion, involve floor area to compare number of big, owner to achieve the residential village of on 1000 people to cannot be carried out at all especially. Actually, two kinds of different point of views, be the portraiture with existent property inconsistent management. Argumentative itself, adumbrative move changes, "Property revolution " the progress that reflects a property management may appear inflection point.
With " convention " autonomy
Long-term since, property management got the height of various government takes seriously, be regarded as the forward position that the society reforms even. But, because relevant code, system remains to perfect, inside the village company of owner, property eachs does things in his own way, lack is unified can offer the standard that observes jointly, cause do not have inside the village standard, chaotic. Although build what the ministry does his utmost to promote village owner pact to make the work, but most village regards a kind of form as his, copy word for word one finish sth. When contradiction happens between owner, do not have quadrature to be able to be depended on; When property company carries out certain managing, random but abide.
Be in new " property revolution " in administrative pattern, owner convention is pushed to extremely high position, the person that buy a house is about to buy village building to must read owner treaty first, the ability after accepting can sign building business contract. Convention not only the obligation that made clear the right of owner to emphasize owner more, the responsibility that agreed agree of break a contact is carried at the same time. Meanwhile, convention still agrees property manages the organization of the enterprise and its principle for the first time, such, can become company of owner, property to follow joint regulation in property government activity, be helpful for building the favorable order of the village.
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