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Shenzhen content provides 5 big suspense
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Shenzhen property manages commercialize degree lag, the conflict between the owner of individual village and content pipe company has the power that grow in intensity, a few question that provide in the light of content appear subsequently.
Rose on March 1 from this year, the price management that Guangdong province collects fees to property service gives priority to the governmental price from before change to coach for the government valence manages, among them property service collects fees specific standard is agreed by owner and property management company. Meanwhile, province prices bureau is right of property company collect fees limits also made specific provision, came on stage " property service collects fees method " . The personage inside many course of study points out, of this regulation come on stage, to Shenzhen content tubal market will produce positive effect.
Can see, the occurrence of property management, the life property safety that is ameliorative living life, living environment and protective dweller had positive effect really, but compare with the real estate photograph of flying development, of property management commercialize degree to appear a little backward, market action managed a company to produce apparent lag phenomenon relative to insufficient property, this owner that in each district each other rise and fall gets be reflectinged adequately in dispute, the conflict between the owner of individual village and content pipe company still has the power that grow in intensity even, a few question that provide in the light of content appear subsequently.
Does canal of content of new regulation change collect fees content?
Property management company is service management enterprise, it is normal to should be maintained run, collection administration fee is inevitability. The key of the problem is how administration fee should close, how much to receive? In other words, what project must close, what project should not close, these problems although country and local government also published corresponding a few policy and code, but be confined to of very old rate some kind of limits, or be carry out inside a certain frame. Be like the collection of administration fee, shenzhen basically with respect to two kinds of means, it is the sort that presses commodity property, namely high level, multilayer or rate of check and ratify of commerce, residence; 2 it is the aptitude grade that presses property company, the guidance that is like class of first class, second, third class collects fees limits. Come so, caused Shenzhen many property companies are on rate, be used to choosing the highest value inside limitative limits, the high-level residence administration fee e.g. company of second class property is highest for 3.8 yuan of every square metre, can companies of many second class property are in when residence of administrative high level, by highest value administration fee of collection of 3.8 yuan of every square metre (unless before development business has commitment additionally to owner) .
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