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Yang Shaofeng: Does Chinese real estate shift to an earlier date " untie a perso
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OK nevertheless and affirmative is, the movement of this Central Bank, not be to be aimed at estate absolutely, be aimed at financial industry and foreign trade industry however save the action, estate benefit is very finite, it is place of the personage inside a lot of course of study anything but those who say is “ government stride help city ” of the first pace.

Next macroscopical adjusting control, I think this everybody the view that about “ the end of the year constrictive money policy will loosen ” will come ahead of schedule. Be in the United States second below the caution that lends crisis influence, administration is very difficult indulge house price steeps fall, much room look forward to closes down, let bank room more impossibly of course borrow large-scale break appear for the situation. But the policy of specific aim comes on stage, I want to return need for some time.

" comparatively well-off " : That to Chinese real estate should be an interest good news? Drop to price of large area house for is hopeful look forward to firm?

Yang Shaofeng: The adjustment that I think to the adjustment of this second building city is the same as the stock market is same, it is to retaliate a gender to rebound. A few years monetary policy of Chinese passivity dilate brought about fictitious fortune to increase in the past, before this, redundant RMB is inducted by city of the stock market, building, brought up miracle of the world's infrequent building city stock market, but once the market discovers real problem is not Chinese fortune,increase, however fictitious assets increases, ending is those fortune foamy undone. Before so I do not think this building city can resemble same, one advantageous good dream instantly get warm again after a cold spell.

The building city of epicycle is adjusted, the result won't be the short-term get warm again after a cold spell that industry place judges, also won't be place of the person that those do not have a room the house price that look forward to steeps fall, landed bubble is undone. Final should be inflation digested house price go up. Original, this round building city settling time will be longer, but, by force of pressure of world banking crisis, center must loosen money to be opposite in order to answer soon. Next, the untie a person that is aimed at building city looks also do not avoid, nevertheless, had experienced this bitter lesson, I think, development business should be met a few more rational, and the person that buy a house also will a few cleverer. More important is, demand get warm again after a cold spell needs time, and the capital pressure that develops business won't get settlement immediately. So, building city dish whole still need period of time.

" comparatively well-off " : To the house price of the strong region Beijing of Chinese real estate, what kind of view do you have?

Yang Shaofeng: During the Olympic Games, the core city Beijing that holds the Olympic Games and Tianjin appear price of building town house and clinch a deal the phenomenon that the volume drops considerably at the same time. From this, numerous media and the public figure that call empty group are written in succession civil think house price will drop considerably accordingly. I not so look, because the bounds of only even numbers goes, nature of carry out building should be affected, can not say this created the situation that house price drops considerably.
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