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Pan Shige: Only the government saves city ability to let common people buy cheap
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Development business is short of water to will be faced with close down

The net before old Pan Zaizao chats in express, capital of business of current very much development is in short supply, if the government does not help city, can many development business are faced with close down reach go bankrupt the crisis, affect prospective residence to supply, below the circumstance that does not decrease in demand, if help city,can choose government of high-rise price; instead, land agent accelerates rate selling a building, floor price just can drop. He more with other industry citing, point to: The colliery that put out is more, the price of coal rises more the milk powder factory that; puts out is more, the price of milk powder rises more; raises a pig without farmer, porky price rises.

The residence is supplied decrease push high-rise price surely

He points out again, current not little estate develops business corner a large number of land, although think depreciation sells a building, also go without sufficient financing at all build residence. More express, if many estate company closes down, can cause economic atrophy, push high unemployment rate, the safety that joins financial orgnaization, bank even also can be browbeaten. It seems that, the government does not help city, came like doomsday really?

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