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Huang Jisen of president of group of peaceful standing grain: The strategy, the
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Be in the United States second below the shadow of global finance concussion that borrows the crisis to cause, chinese economy is facing the inflationary period after high speed grows. Rigorous macroscopical adjusting control ases if the amounts to Makelisi sword that is hanged on estate head. Chinese landed what course to follow, whether does dominoes of much Mi Re topple at this point. Numerous be concerned about is in city of test China building. But, sea cleans out sand, shuffle those who wash is to do not have a brand, lack public letter power, the landed enterprise with capital insufficient actual strength. And overmatch perseverance is stubborn, really landed hero however can midstream hits water, billow check flying boat, the head that greet tide stands, find the opportunity with historic more. Ceng Ji gets Asian finance storm, a lot of landed enterprise ash fly smoke destroys; But Li Jiacheng can magnify further however his landed and Caesarean domain. “ world is round ” , get in average house grim challenge when, high-end property and business gain the favour of all-time sex however with property. Famous land agent Mr Huang Jisen is sent south with one of be linked together easy and calm, say to the reporter, “ real estate is the rich play chess of eye and capital, this grand banquet, than what go all out it is foresight. Fall early in the first castle before, victory or defeat already outcome. ”

What confidence comes from pair of macroscopical economy is accurate hold

Estate is the industry of high risk tall redound. The impulse pursueing interest of capital decided, the hot money of the world each district that flock and enters, change the ecosystem of whole industry possibly at any time. Accordingly, land and capital make two principal weight used on a balance in catenary of estate modes of life and relation to their environment. And develop a business as real estate of professional, mature, actual strength, group of peaceful standing grain is in it is national in layout, think already adequately control and avoid risk, run with what bold boldness investment balances decision-making. 2000, the iteration that passes countrywide market makes an on-the-spot investigation, support of group of peaceful standing grain is old global run mature experience, sturdy choice Beijing and Fuzhou serve as long-term development, the strategic area of spade husbandry, hold to basic guiding principle 20 years not to shake, and will in the program text version that is written into the enterprise to develop for a long time. That is to say, group of peaceful standing grain tilts resource gift key strategical area, include value of brand of its capital, talent, company.

When 2006, 2007, real estate is entered turn white-hot condition. Foreign capital, dilettante when swarming into landed domain in succession, group of peaceful standing grain is timely however the early-warning mechanism that starts it. Strategic research department is rational to the blame of estate, make sober and accurate and be full of constructive proposal, effectively keep within limits gets in a lot of impulse taking the land besides Fujian, Beijing. Huang Jisen thinks, the person does not have foresight, have close concern surely. He emphasizes saying, a lot of estate develop business to go after scope effect, but effect of scope effect may not is. He takes a fancy to a purpose to contain Troy. Include profit get one's own back among them, still have a brand, the figure of the company and growing sex. Look from 2008, financial policy from close, a lot of room look forward to are closing greatly too, those are eager to the outspread, development business that takes the land at estate fastigium high price, in the prisoner dilemma of insecurity of inevitable sink capital. Dimensions is right for them, not be an advantage not only, it is heavy burden conversely, not only fail addition, become division even. Under photograph comparing, focusing strategy of Tai He, and careful risk evaluates a mechanism to make us light relaxed pine, walk fast.
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