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Yu Liang: Depreciating is responsible to the industry act
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What calls “ to be in charge of to the industry? If any developed trade act to promote industry health reason to develop, this is responsible to the industry. If say business of a development can let more person the room lives, that is responsible to the industry, this are our decision criteria. ” Yu Liang says, “ clinchs a deal very low confused market, not be a healthy market. Must make it new and more active, that ability is healthy market. If say a market inside, the price of the house is not rational on the high side apparently, it can be returned to to rational price certainly. The arrangement that makes when you follows these two relative words, I feel this is responsible to the industry. Adopt what value strategy as to a certain place, our meeting ground is different market, different state of different development phase, different competition comes to product, product decision. ”

Yu Liang discloses, in the structure buying a house of 10 thousand divisions, of lump-sum payment be in 32% the left and right sides, the choice mortgages occupy 68% . But in mortgaging head pay scale to be achieved on average 37% . “ rigid demand is in whole this round substaintial change did not produce in adjusting, consumer is very rational, the hope has a more likely price, once the price is likely, customer can be bought, the effect is very evident. ”

Yu Liang says: 10 thousand divisions of “ hold to cash to be king strategy all the time, metaphase end has 15.4 billion yuan of ready money, this has not calculated 5.9 billion yuan of debenture. Now, should say enough maintain company safety. From first half of the year the case looks, market share is occupied 2.7% , run win big city. ”

Yu Liang thinks, no matter every industry stems from what reason, shuffling is to be in last ceaselessly in. Cong Mou is planted tell on degree, real-estate industry is to auspicious day a little cross be used to. The manufacturing industry that sees Dongguan the day of that an abyss of suffering, with respect to the difficulty that encounters without necessary and exaggerated at present. What landed industry place encounters is difficult, won't exceed the difficulty that when other industry faces economic uncertainty, produces. Can “ compare milk powder industry more bad? ”

And the government that expects to the industry helps city, yu Liang expresses, everybody is longing for the liberation army, saying to lower interest is the liberation army came, look in 10 thousand divisions, best method still relies on him. “ actually, we are compared with other industry posture, already very lucky. ”

In the dictionary of 10 thousand divisions, market strength is the greatest, any force cannot change whole market to develop the rule. If the company grows deviate this market, to the word of ignore of vicissitude of the market, negligence, obtain good management outstanding achievement impossibly.

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