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Ren Zhijiang: Chinese house price rises not more still bubble is not quite serio
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Ren Zhijiang: This economic crisis that we see the United States begins from what, be borrow from the room begin, so among them a main reason, analyse like Mr Luo Ji, because in the past is to rely on wage income to come,undertake consumptive namely, after rising in price when the house later more American governments, the person that should let can not afford a house also buys a house, appreciate with respect to what pass a house next the deposit sex consumption that will have asset value.

So it maintained nearly 14 years continuously annual the spending of 3.5 increases, achieved last year 72% , occupy GDP72% , so it began to die this year, it is this kind of thing does not have a law to last, the sub debt that after so house price fell, it just appears, and whole round American banking crisis.

But China just has a gentleman to say, house price already from 10 thousand go up to 20 thousand, we had not heard of, we know only 2006 2007 when, price of countrywide average room has 3655(only yuan) , the average room price that never has heard of the whole nation has say on 10 thousand when, we do not know how he is summarized, but I know to be announced entirely, price of this average room has 3655(only yuan) , this within still points to commodity house, if we an economy is applicable housing, secondhand room and trade otherly if be being added, the likelihood does not reach even 3000 fund, so we did not feel Chinese bubble arrived already badly to resemble the United States so a kind of circumstance.

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