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Ding Yuan: Estate market needs severe love
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There is estate association to appeal the reputation that helps city before, there is local government take advantage of an opportunity after and lift for it. Look, both is to hitting “ to safeguard estate to stabilize health to develop the old standard of ” , but the author thinks, local government is needed before making the decision that help city more careful. current estate market, of need is the love ” of “ severity, cannot “ is heard cry comforts nipple ” with respect to a place of strategic importance.

The behavior helping city of local government is met house of block up commodity is excessive the astringent that consumes behavior. Nowadays, the two houses that the young couple that Shanghai, Beijing controls to just graduating 5 years buys a 100 square metre to control are common already. And a lot of people in them still want 3 houses two hall. Actually, it is only 10 years ago, a 3 home of Shanghai still may be occupy the two bedrooms of a 50 square metre and cheer caper. Although today, the living space of average per capita of Hong Kong, Japan and outback photograph are compared inferior by comparison also. The excessive spending in commodity house market already be obvious to all. Of course, this has among them is compelled excessive spending partly greatly very, because in last few years income is chased at all not the pace that main rooms price runs, if do not overdraw ahead of schedule the purchasing power henceforth, the living condition that improves oneself again with respect to very difficult organic conference probably. On the other hand, “ buys a house is the market that profitable ” also upset more money to cast this hair to iron. Accordingly, a few local government are the behavior helping city of main goal with stabilizing room value, meet probably farther aggravate this kind of excessive spending.

The behavior helping city of local government is pair of development business and bank morality risk is indulgent, it is entrepreneur individual possibly to bury sheet with local finance. The limits of authority helping city that local government can take basically centers in a few following respects: Control the pace of sell one's own things of land, avoid commodity house increment to be opposite too quickly thereby the farther concussion of the market; Room of the price fixing that put delay, cheap hires the supply rate of the safeguard sex housing such as the room; Derate estate development, trade a few cess cost of link; Can give credit, financing the support of the respect even. Prevent foamy fracture through helping city, be in namely actually the adventurer with irresponsible shelter, at the same time abet take root the ” of “ morality risk in current finance culture spreads to estate market. Not only such, the act of a few local government is the welfare with the public is cost more or less, to develop business partly the insanity before this is taken the ground, fast rise in price wait for not sensible behavior to bury sheet.
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