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10 thousand divisions respond to: The project does not have sodden end absolutel
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On September 27, print of media of some finance and economics sends the name is " Shenzhen of 10 thousand divisions may appear delay of shutdown of sodden poop deck builds an influence 08 outstanding achievement " the report once this net is reprinted, immediately is inside course of study and even caused intense echo socially. Focal network reporter notices, the although cited selectively,10 thousand divisions sign up for in 2008 share number in this report calls the Jin Yudong of ” of as sodden as “ be pointinged to end the personage related county according to interviewing a part to occupy, but the official statement that there are 10 thousand divisions in whole article, this accentuated again around in this project a variety of suspicion in one's mind in the sky.

So, whether does project of Jin Yudong county appear really sodden end, the outstanding achievement of the 10 thousand divisions that regard landed bound as bibcock whether true be put into trouble at this project? To this, focal estate net for a short while the phone interviewed 10 thousand divisions to carry out vice-president Xiao Li.

All projects do not have 10 thousand divisions absolutely sodden end is possible

Focal estate net: The near future has a hearsay to say Dong Jun of region of gold of 10 thousand divisions (forum resembles book door model the news between example) face sodden end risk, whether this project already does shutdown exist the likelihood of sodden end?

Xiao Li: All projects do not have 10 thousand divisions absolutely sodden end is possible. Jin Yudong county is the first project that company of Shenzhen of 10 thousand divisions enters level ground Shan Xincheng, project total floor area 316 thousand square metre, by 3 relatively independent plot is comprised, accordingly, the project is divided period development, first phase rolls out 868, the small family with 90 square metre give priority to.

All projects that develop with 10 thousand divisions are same, shenzhen company height takes the development of project of Jin Yudong county and construction seriously, the delivery that having house of first phase hammer and tongs intends the work. Current, the construction of project first phase, include establishment of development, consign, form a complete set, property management to wait to all press plan on the rails.

Still perfect not quite as a result of circumjacent viatic form a complete set at present, administration did not open an influence 2 times 3 period construction, the program did not open an influence 9 times 2 period construction, of project of Jin Yudong county 2, 3 period temporary delay is built; In addition, shenzhen company also is in the foundation is current the circumstance of vicissitude of the market, undertake be adjustmented accordingly to the design of the product, wait for circumjacent road to debut after finishing, continue again start working. Accordingly, project of Jin Yudong county does not involve sodden remaining part completely this one topic.
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